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    List of Gods and goddess

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    List of Gods and goddess

    Post by Alyssa on Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:28 pm

    Acheron-God of the underworld river of pain
    Aeolus-God of the winds
    Aglaia-Goddess of beauty and adornment.
    Aigle-Goddess of the radiant glow of good health.
    Akeso-Goddess of curing illness.
    Aphrodite-Goddess of love, beauty and procreation.
    Apollo-God of music, prophecy and healing.
    Ares-God of war and conflict.
    Aristaeus-God of bee-keeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing and hunting
    Artemis-Goddess of hunting, wild animals, childbirth and children.
    Asclepius-God of medicine and healing.
    Athena-Goddess of craftsmen, presiding over the arts of weaving, pottery, carpentry and the manufacture of oil.
    Bia-Goddess of force
    Boreas-God of the north wind whose wintry breath brought the cold of winter
    Briareus-God of violent sea-storms
    Britmertis-Goddess of the nets used in hunting, fishing and fowling.
    Calliope-Goddess of epic poetry.
    Charites-Goddesses of joy, pleasure, mirth, beauty, dancing, feasts and banquets.
    Chione-Goddess of snow
    Clio-The Muse of historical writings
    Cocytus-God of the underworld river of tears and wailing.
    Comus-God of festivities
    Cratus-God of strength and power.
    Deimos- God of fear.
    Demeter-Goddess of agriculture
    Dike-Goddess of justice
    Dionysus-God of wine, viticulture, and wild vegetation.
    Dioscuri-Gods of horsemen and gymnasia
    Eileithyia-Goddess of childbirth and the pains of labour.
    Eirene-Goddess of peace.
    Enyo-Goddess of war,
    Eosphorus-God of the dawn-star
    Epione-Goddess of the soothing of pain.
    Erato-The Muse of love poetry and mimicry.
    Eris-Goddess of strife.
    Eros-God of love and sexual desire.
    Erotes-Winged gods of love.
    Eunomia-Goddess of good order.
    Euphrosyne-Goddess of merriment and good cheer.
    Eurus-God of the east wind
    Hades-God of the Underworld.
    Harmonia-Goddess of harmony.
    Hebe-Goddess of youth.
    Hecate-Goddess of the ghosts, witchcraft and necromancy
    Hephaestus-God of metalworking, building, sculpture, and artistry.
    Hera-Goddess of women.
    Herse-Goddess of the morning dew.
    Hermes-God of herds and flocks, the country arts, travel, trade, merchants, and thievery.
    Hesperides-Goddesses of sunsets.
    Hesperus-God of the evening star
    Hestia-Goddess of the hearth.
    Himeros-God of sexual desire.
    Horae-Goddesses of the seasons and the ordering of heaven.
    Hygeia-Goddess of good health
    Hymenaios-God of the weddings and the marriage hymn.
    Hypnos-God of sleep
    Iaso-The goddess of cures and remedies
    Iris-Goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.
    Lethe-Goddess of the underworld river of oblivion
    Litae-Goddesses of prayer who delivered the prayers of men to the gods in heaven.
    Makaria-Goddess of blessed death
    Melpomene-Goddess muse of tragedy plays.
    Nike-Goddess of victory.
    Notus-God of the wet and stormy south wind
    Okeanides-Goddess and nymph daughters of the great earth-encircling river Oceanus.
    Oreithyia-Goddess of cold, gusty mountain winds
    Pan-God of shepherds and flocks
    Panakeia-Goddess of curatives
    Peitho-Goddess of persuasion and seductive speech.
    Phobus-God of phobias(fear).
    Polyhymnia-Goddess muse of religious hymns.
    Potami-Gods of the rivers.
    Poseidon-God of the Sea
    Pothos-God of sexual yearning.
    Priapus-God of garden fertility.
    Psyche-Goddess of the soul
    Pyriphlegethon-God of the infernal river of fire.
    Terpsichore-The Muse of choral dance and song.
    Thalia-The Muse of comedy drama and idyllic poetry.
    Thalia-Goddess of banquets and festivities.
    Thanatos-God of Death
    Tyche-Goddess of good fortune.
    Ourania-Goddess Muse of astronomy and astronomical writings.
    Zelos-God of rivalry and competition.
    Zephryus-God of the gentle west wind
    Zeus-God of the sky, weather, kings, fate, law and order.

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