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    "Cicero...Mad? Hahaha, that's.... crazy."

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    "Cicero...Mad? Hahaha, that's.... crazy."

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    Name: Cicero Jester Crux

    Age: He is 16, and was born December 13, 1996.

    Gender: Cicero is male.

    Pet(s): Cicero doesn't trust himself with animals.

    God and Mortal Parent: His god parent is Mania, Greek goddess of madness and insanity.and his mortal father is Enthir Crux.

    Powers: He has no powers.

    How did they get to camp?: Enthir and Cicero took the very long trip from Sacramento to Manhattan. He then took his son to Camp Half-Blood, happily, mind you.

    Who guided them?: As stated before, Enthir guided Cicero to camp. However, when they got there, Enthir only stayed to make sure Cicero had seen it. After that, he left the 12-year-old there without even saying goodbye.

    Life before CHB: Cicero was born in Sacramento, California. For the beginning of his life, Cicero lived pretty normally. There was the occasional mishaps and sightings, but otherwise, it was all perfectly fine. However, there was the fact that the very young demi-god was growing steadily insane. Cicero never had friends, given that they all thought he was crazy. That, of course, hurt the boy, but he didn't show it. He never could communicate his feelings. As he grew, so did his madness. And his father couldn't deal with it. By the time Cicero was 12, he had started to behave unpredictably. Enthir wasn't too happy about that either, and it wasn't long until he could stand it no longer; the mortal had actually grown to somewhat hate his son. So, he decided it was time for Cicero to go to camp, simply so the son of Mania would be far away from him.

    RP sample:
    Cicero's green eyes widened as he looked around, hearing strange noises. He jumped at an small rustle in the bushes, only to see that it was a squirrel. The boy gave a shaky laugh, turning to look at his dad. But, to his horror, Enthir wasn't there. Cicero's forced smile disappeared as he worriedly glanced around, starting to panic. Where did his dad go? Did something happen to the man who raised him? Was he... gone? Cicero found his answer in the bright light flooding from a pair of headlights that cut through the dark woods. The young demi-gods wide eyes filled with tears as he watched the car, his dad's car, speed off. Cicero continued to watch the dark spot where the blue car had once been, simply not believing that his dad could just leave him there in the woods. He finally turned around, lifting his thin hand to wipe the tears from his eyes. He was insane, not emotionless. But, there was this camp.This strange camp on a hill, deep in the woods. Maybe they could help. Maybe, just maybe, he'd make it out of this. With a gulp, Cicero turned around, still scared and shaking, before taking a small step toward the mysterious camp.



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    meh, u okay
    meh, u okay

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    Re: "Cicero...Mad? Hahaha, that's.... crazy."

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