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    assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories

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    assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories

    Post by Medic on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:02 am


    Name: Mila Genesis Upshur

    Gender: Mila was born female and identifies as such.

    Birthday and Age: Mila was born March 29, 1998 and is currently 17 years of age.

    Hair: Mila's hair is very curly. It comes down to about her chest and is a very dark brown that looks black most of the time, with lighter brown highlights. She generally wears it in a bun.

    Skin Tone: Mila has light brown skin and lots and lots of freckles. She also has a surprisingly good complexion.

    Body Type: Mila tends to work out quite a bit so she has a lean, thin body type.

    Height and Weight: Mila is 5'8" and weighs in at 126 pounds.

    Godly Parentage: Mila's godly parent is Nemesis, goddess of indignation against, and retribution for, evil deeds and undeserved good fortune.

    Mortal Parentage: Mila's mortal parent is Martin Upshur, a freelance journalist.

    Country of Origin and Birthplace: Mila was born in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

    Pets: Mila has a grey tabby cat named Concrete.

    Talents/Skills: Mila is quite good with a camera, whether it's recording video or taking pictures. She adores her camera and almost always has it with her, should any opportunity arrive. Mila is also very observant and it's somewhat difficult to get things past her. She plans on being a journalist like her father when she grows up, so she figures the skill could come in handy. Another thing this demi-god is good at is convincing people of things.

    Flaws: Mila is slow to anger, but when she's angry, she more or less bursts. She's clever, but is occasionally too head-strong when it comes to things she's passionate about. She tends to be sassy, almost to a point of it being rude. Mila also has somewhat of an issue about keeping her opinions to herself.

    Powers: Mila has no powers.

    Weapon: Mila uses a double-sided Celestial Bronze sword as a weapon. She calls it Trager.

    History: Mila's life has always been fairly average up until camp, more or less. Her dad was her closest friend growing up and he typically was called into school because Mila insulted another kid or something like that. The only thing Mila would say to defend herself was "They kind of deserved it." This generally got her grounded.  Mila was very used to being in new, somewhat overwhelming situations and meeting new people given her father's job as a journalist and her curiosity about everything. Her dad got in trouble more than once for bringing her along when he went to go collect information or interview someone. She showed interest in photography from a very young age after a school field trip and a disposable camera. When she was old enough to know what she was actually doing, her dad bought her a digital camera and she worked with that for the longest time. When Mila got her first job, she saved up enough money to buy herself a nice camera to continue her passion for photography in. When she was 12, her father sat her down and explained the whole "demi-god" thing to her and told her about Camp Half-Blood. She definitely wasn't thrilled at first, but she sucked it up claiming that "if she was going to be a good journalist, she would have to go outside of her comfort zone sometimes." Mila only goes during the summer if she can help it, as she's got too much back in Colorado for her to leave all year round.

    Role-Playing example: Mila sighed a bit as she knelt on the ground, pushing a piece of hair back so she could see better. It was a beautiful sight to be seen and she was such a sucker for scenes with natural lighting. It was almost perfect. It definitely could have been a painting. "This is so good, holy crap." She murmured to himself. Mila raised her camera and focused in on just the right spot in the creek where it reflected the water so... so... perfectly. It filled her with such happiness when she pressed the button and captured the moment and then took a few more pictures of the general area. Mile smirked broadly to herself as she looked through them once she'd finished. "It's fucking amazing. And so is nature. Shout out to you too." The demi-god muttered, nodding to herself.

    Anything else about your character?: She's a lesbian. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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