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    Caeden Briarwood Finnik


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    Caeden Briarwood Finnik

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    This lad's name is Caeden Briarwood Finnik, but he sometimes goes by Cade.
    He's fifteen years of age, but he skipped two grades, so he's currently a junior school-wise.
    Caeden is of the male sex and gender.
    He doesn't have any pets at camp, just a ginger tabby cat he calls Fresco.
    God Parent:
    His godly parent is Poseidon, god of the seas.
    Caeden has the ability to breathe underwater, talk to horse-like creatures, and has hydrokinesis as well as having a dip in water act like a cup of black coffee. He can make little waves of about five to seven inches as many times as he wants a day Bigger waves, like five feet tall, he can only do around seven times a day, and it's tiring in the sense that he needs to take a small fifteen minute break. When you get into the very large, about twenty feet or taller, he can only do those twice or thrice a day and after each wave he ends up needing an hour nap or so.
    Whenever he is in extreme danger, he can summon a small hurricane or a waterspout. These however, are draining and mostly come from pure adrenaline. If he ever performs one of these, he will pass out for a good two days or so. If he somehow manages to not pass out almost immediately, any other usage of power could possibly kill him.
    Mortal Parent(s)
    His mother's name is Rosalin Marie Finnik-Robertson, married to Howard Thomas Robertson.
    How did they get to camp?:
    He got to camp by car, with a very angry team of Furies chasing after him.
    Who guided you?:
    Caeden was assisted by a satyr, like most other demigods.
    Life before CHB:
    The boy had a normal life. He was born when his mother was only seventeen, and her family didn't appreciate that. She was forced to stay in a shelter until her parents finally softened up after Caeden's birth and let the two stay with them. He grew up normally aside from odd looks and glares from teachers. At twenty-one, his mother remarried, and they had twins who still bother Caeden even over Iris-messages. Up until sixth grade, Caeden was bullied, which eventually turned him into a bully.
    RP sample:
    Caeden took a deep breath, inhaling the salty and bitter scents of the sea. A school of fish glittered under the ocean, making the boy smile. It wasn't often that he smiled, and it felt good. The sun was warm on his bare back, and he trotted down to the shore. The waves tickled his toes, licking them like a dog licks his owner. He let out a light laugh and ran into the ocean, embracing it.
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    meh, u okay
    meh, u okay

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    Re: Caeden Briarwood Finnik

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