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    { Because I'm just one of those ghosts, traveling endlessly }

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    { Because I'm just one of those ghosts, traveling endlessly }

    Post by Medic on Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:01 am

    Name: Dvasia Nuostolis Laimantavicius but generally goes by the nickname "Spirit"

    Gender: Dvasia is male, though appears to some as rather feminine.

    Birthday and Age: Dvasia was born April 13, 1997, rendering him 17 years of age. His birthday also makes his horoscope Aries and his Zodiac the Ox.

    Hair: Dvasia has short, very curly hair. It's a light blond color but sometimes looks white in the light.

    Eyes: Dvasia is actually blind, save for his power/curse. His eyes appear to be a very light purple, and the whites seem to be just a little whiter than most people's. He often gets made fun of for this but he doesn't actually care.

    Skin Tone: Dvasia is very pale, almost to a point where it looks really unnatural.

    Body Type: Dvasia is very thin with practically no muscle. He doesn't have the mind to care much for eating to get himself to a healthy weight nor does he care for working out.

    Height and Weight: As mentioned before, Dvasia isn't one for his health. Hygiene is a must for him, though eating enough to be called healthy is not. He only weighs in at a measly 112 pounds, which is the expected minimum weight for a 14 year old. But, he is rather tall, standing in at 5' 11".

    Godly Parentage: Dvasia's mother is Psyche, the Greek goddess of souls.

    Mortal Parentage: Dvasia's father was a successful business man by the name of Adomas Laimantavicius, who was often abusive.

    Country of Origin and Birthplace: Dvasia was born in Mažeikiai, Lithuania.

    Pets: Dvasia has no pets.

    Talents/Skills: Dvasia's other senses, such as smelling and hearing, are much more acute due to his blindness. Dvasia has a very profound sense of awareness; as in, he basically has a very accurate feel of what his surroundings are. In fact, despite being blind, he knows the size of the room he's in and what's in it better than someone who can actually see. He's also rather talented in convincing people to see the "brighter side of life", so to speak.

    Flaws: Dvasia is very shy and socializing was never his forte. He's very quiet and not very good at standing up for himself. Dvasia is something of a doormat and is very rarely capable of actually hating somebody. He is spacey and tends to isolate himself.

    Powers: Dvasia's "power" is actually something of a curse. He can see the souls or imprints rather of the deceased. They last for a rather long time and he can't control what he sees or when he sees it. He sees everything as white except for the souls. The souls range in color from their conscience, mindset, and if they've committed crimes. He also can't control what moment he sees of the souls's timeline. Most of the times, it's just the soul after it was killed just wandering around. But occasionally, it will be the moments leading up to their death and then how they died. Dvasia despises this deeply but he can't do a thing about it. Before these visions, Dvasia will always get some sort of fit of shuddering. During them, he can move and after them, he automatically passes out. It's all very weird for the others around him because it looks to them like he's shuddering then walking aimlessly and then he passes out. He also can't control how long the visions last and how long he's unconscious depends on that.

    Weapons: Dvasia carries around a Celestial Bronze modeled after Szbala, which is a Polish Sabre-style sword. The sabre's name is Siela.

    History: Dvasia came from a relatively quite background. His father owned a very successful business that Dvasia never bothered to learn anything about. The two lived in a large house pretty far away from the urban area of Mažeikiai. Dvasia didn't really know his father all too well, because his father was never home. His father told him that he was always busy "working" and that he shouldn't question his father. At that point Adomas would get angry and hit his son. Dvasia never understood why. At that point their maid and Dvasia's caretaker, Emilija, would take the small boy and comfort him. Emilija, whom Dvasia simply called Miss Emmy, served as the parent Dvasia never really had.

    Dvasia had been blind his entire life. He was born blind since Psyche cursed him. When she was pregnant with the Lithuanian boy she cursed her very own child because her current partner had set her off. Adomas had done something that could have been avoided, had he not been a terrible man. He'd cheated on his current partner whom Psyche soon learned meant basically nothing to him. And to know that Adomas knew she was a goddess and a wonderful being just set her off. She didn't care what would happen. She just cursed his child, gave birth to him and nursed him for a week afterwards so she could regain her strength before departing. Dvasia never really understood. But Emilija was a wonderful mother-figure. She taught him until he was old enough to go to school and also taught a few other skills, like his awareness. She loved him unconditionally, as if he was her own son.

    Dvasia excelled in school, not letting his disability bring him down. He was teased for certain things, like his appearance, but the offenders were always told off by someone saying "Don't make fun of the blind person!" That truly bugged Dvasia more than anyone teasing him. But, he endured it anyway. Dvasia always bore some kind of bruise or scare because of his father and whenever he was questioned about it, he simply turned away. When he thinks about those times he often wonders how life would have been different had he actually spoken out. Perhaps he was afraid of losing Emilija.

    At some point before Psyche found out Adomas was cheating and lying, she had informed him of Camp Half-Blood and left a short note for him in his study for him to find it. Adomas never found it, but Emilija did instead. She knew about Dvasia's gift, but never knew what to think of it. She always wondered what exactly the small boy was going through and where exactly his gift originated. This obviously wasn't a natural occurrence. Emilija mainly left those questions un-investigated until one night when she was particularly restless. Adomas probably wasn't going to be home that night so she decided to sneak into the man's study to look for anything pertaining to Dvasia's gift. She didn't find anything reall except for the note with the instructions. By that time, Dvasia was 11. Emilija thought that it was time for Davasia to go to this camp, thinking that they could help him. Why would there be a note concerning him written by a woman Emilija took to be his mother otherwise?

    So, in the morning, Emilija made the decision to bring the boy to camp. It took quite some time to get there, actually. A few days in fact. She had to schedule the flight and reserve and pay for tickets and then there was the actual flight... They were in Lithuania, after all. But, the two made it there all the same. Emilija hated to see the child go, but knew it was in his best interests. Leaving the child at the mercy of Adomas was just plain cruel. Dvasia has been at camp ever since and has been wondering what happened to Emilija the entire time.

    Role-Playing example: Dvasia sat on a large rock in the middle of the creek. He had his lavender eyes closed tightly, not wishing to see any apparitions. They were terrifying and he'd already had an episode once today. Another one was not welcome. Dvasia had managed to isolate himself, however. Earlier, the apparitions had come just before lunch at the dining pavilion and he'd managed to pass out right in the middle of the large area with so many campers around him. It had not been pleasant, needless to say. Dvasia gave a soft sigh, his eyes still closed. He could hear all the little scuttles of animals in the bushes and the chirping of all sorts of birds and the rest of the noises the forest tends to emit. He liked being there. It was peaceful and there was no one around to bug him. Dvasia enjoyed listening to the wide array of sounds and breathing in the smells of the forest such as soil and fresh water. Dvasia rolled his shoulders back before slowly opening his eyes. The first thing he saw was complete darkness. It then shifted to a bright white screen and he started to shudder. Then came the souls. There were all sorts of colors in all sorts of shades. They were just the outlines of the people against a blank background. But they showed grizzly detail in some of the deceased souls such as weapons left in the bloodied flesh. They visions lasted almost a full hour before everything went black again and he laid unconscious on the large rock.

    Anything else about your character?: N/A

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    Re: { Because I'm just one of those ghosts, traveling endlessly }

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