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    Lauren Silverian

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    Lauren Silverian

    Post by Medic on Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:22 pm

    Name: This demi-god's name is Lauren Saturnus Silverian.

    Age: Lauren was born January, 18, 1995, thus making him 17 currently.

    Gender: Lauren is a male, though he does not always act like it.

    Pet(s): Lauren has no pets, and has never really had any desire to own one.

    God Parent:  Lauren's godly parent is Chione, the goddess of snow.

    Mortal Parent(s): His mortal parent is Victor Silverian, who spends a lot of his time playing ice-hockey.

    Powers: Lauren can create about 60-80 snowflakes, and send them in any direction he wants. This power of course can't do much damage, but it makes his target cold, thus causing them to be a bit more vulnerable, depending on who his target is. It can be avoided if they run before the snowflakes hit them, as the snowflakes can be sent 10-15 feet away from Lauren. Afterwards, it leaves Lauren dizzy and rather lightheaded. His dizziness and faintness will only be worse if he pushes himself, and he will eventually pass out. He can use his power up to 5 times a day, and needs up to about 25 minutes (or more depending on if he surpassed the general limit) of rest to be able to use it again.

    Personality: Lauren is pretty sassy and is almost never afraid to voice his opinion. He's also rather easy to get angry, and should never be messed with when he's foul-tempered. Lastly, Lauren is cold, and it's not his body-temperature. He basically has no empathy and barely any sympathy. Of course, he's not murderous, but he keeps to himself a lot.

    How did they get to camp?: His father took him to the camp, following instructions that Chione gave him shortly before Lauren was born.

    Who guided you?: Lauren's father guided him.

    Life before CHB: Lauren was born in Soldotna, Alaska, though when he was around 6 moved to Unalaska because of his father's ice-hockey career. It was there that he found out that he had a knack for ice skating. When his father discovered this, he tried to get his son to play ice-hockey, but Lauren was definitely terrible at that. Eventually, he found that he was a rather immaculate figure skater. Victor didn't much like that, but supported his son's decision anyway. When Lauren was 12, he had to travel with his father to Manhattan on what his father said was an ice-hockey match. Given that Lauren didn't question his father, he went willingly.

    RP sample: Lauren stayed silent as he looked down at the ice. He'd disappointed his father, and that was one thing that he tried to not let happen ever. But it seems as though he finally had, and he felt terrible for it. He knew that his dad wanted him to be a hockey player, he knew that his dad wanted him to be just as amazing as he was, but it didn't seem as if Lauren would ever achieve those things. He finally looked up as someone sat beside him on the bleachers of the hockey arena. It was, of course, his dad. "I... I'm sorry, Father..." Lauren said quietly, his gaze once more in the ice. "No, I'm sorry, Laur. I shouldn't have made you feel as if you need to do this.... Honestly, it's me whose in the wrong." Victor said, a small, slightly sad smile on his lips. Lauren said nothing in reply, but simply nodded, only feeling slightly better. He didn't want to show this slight relief, even to his father. He just wasn't that type of person.


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    Re: Lauren Silverian

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