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    Nico Van Alen

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    Nico Van Alen

    Post by lukas on Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:32 pm

    Name:Nico Van Alen
    Pet(s): none
    God Parent: Zeus
    Personality:He is nice, helpful,and tired almost everyday.
    Powers:He can manipulate lighting into anything causing it to strike. After he uses it once he gets cross eyed for about 10 minutes. He can use it 3 times a day. After the third time he passes out right then and there.
    Mortal Parent(s):Jane Van Alen
    How did they get to camp?:He flew.
    Who guided you?:The sky.
    Life before CHB:Nico lived a great life with his Mother in San Fransisco. He had worked at an electricity plant that gave people their electricity across the globe. Once he had enough money to quit the job a bully came along and stole all his money. That's when he decided to run away. He ran and ran until he reached New York and reached Camp Half-Blood.
    RP sample:Nico van Alen Loved this Place called Camp Half Blood. Although, Being a son of Zeus he was dangerous to others. When he had stepped in a guy named Percy Jackson said he had a strong aura what that meant. He decided to be walking in the Forest. he had stumbled upon a rabbit and it turned into a vicious one. It bit his leg! He ran back to his cabin and fixed the wound.

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    Re: Nico Van Alen

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